Morton's Sermon Notes

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Supporting Cast: Abigail


  • Design of the world: doing good brings about good; doing evil brings about evil
  • Proverbs 8:35-36
  • Abigail illustrates this

Doing good leads to good? 

  • v.1-11
  • Nabal vs. Abigail

Returning evil for good leads to evil

  • v.12-17,21-22
  • David responds with evil intent

Abigail returns good for evil

  • v.18-31
  • She puts David on the right path

Even in evil, doing good leads to good

  • v.32-44
  • God ensures justice
  • v.24 - Abigail points to Jesus
  • Commit to doing good even when it’s hard
  • Listen to voices of wisdom
  • Pursue humility and peacemaking
  • Don’t take revenge